Willem Bennenbroek (aka William Ben) is a 20-year-old artist and songwriter based in Veghel, The Netherlands. His music could be best described as pop/rock or alternative/rock. With his interesting chord progressions and appealing melodies he tries to create a bond between the listener and his songs, as he brings the messages written in his bedroom, right to the audience.             

After being in a band for 5 years, his interest for songwriting started when he enrolled in the national Popsport program, that helped him develop various aspects of world of music, including stage performance, songwriting and marketing. In 2020, he took a break from his studies in Law and decided to spend his gap-year starting his first solo-project.                                                                                                     

In this period he spent his time writing, producing and recording his debut-EP "Room For Growth" that is out now! 
 His most special performance dates back to late 2018, when he had the chance to play a song for the Dutch queen. Having played at fabriek magnifique and the pop&colour festival, he is eager and extremely excited to play all of his new material in front of an audience again soon. Together with his trusted William Bend, made up of his friends; Bart van Helvoort on drums, Rosa van Geffen on guitar and Cas Habraken on bass.